Christian Copyright Licensing International Ltd (CCLI) is the UK’s major licensing body for the reproduction of hymns and worship songs used in acts of collective worship during assemblies. CCLI can license your school to reproduce the lyrics and music of many thousands of songs by hand, type, computer storage and photocopying or use on OHP acetates, electronic storage and projection, song sheets and so on. | email: | tel: 01323 436103

The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd licenses the copying of extracts from books, journals, magazines and digital publications for the purpose of teaching, training or information on behalf publishers, authors and visual creators. Use of digital copies with digital whiteboards, VLEs or PowerPoint presentations is also covered. | email: | tel: 020 7400 3100 | fax: 020 7400 3101

The Educational Recording Agency Ltd licenses designated educational establishments to record radio and television broadcasts for educational purposes. On-site access to digital recordings for use on interactive whiteboards, VLEs and PowerPoint presentations is included. Streaming recordings off-site is covered by a top-up licence, ERA Plus. | email: | tel: 020 7837 3222

represents the UK record industry, licensing the use of sound recordings (CDs, tapes, records etc.) on behalf of record companies and performers. A PPL licence is required for any public performance of sound recordings for extra curricular purposes within schools, such as school discos, keep fit classes, music on hold etc. A licence can be obtained from PPL's agent CEFM. | email: | tel: 01494 836 233

PRS for Music
is the UK copyright collection society that represents composers and publishers of music.

A PRS for Music licence is required for any public performance of music for extra curricular purposes within schools. A licence for schools can be obtained from PRS for Music’s agent, CEFM. Some commercial uses of music may need to be licensed directly by PRS for Music. | | tel: 01494 473014 | email: |
tel: 0845 309 3090

(part of PRS for Music) licenses music when it is recorded on a CD, tape, video or DVD, or when that recording is issued to the public. This applies to recordings of school concerts, plays or similar events. Applications for an MCPS licence can only be made on the website. | e-mail: | tel: 020 8378 7500

Licence for schools is an ‘add-on’ licence, providing schools with access to an extra 350+ independent film studios, family-friendly, educational and TV producers. The licence allows unlimited showings in any legal DVD or download format, for non-curricular use. This licence is provided in addition to any other existing film licence. | email: | tel: 01323 649 647 |
fax: 01323 439 354

The Public Video Screening Licence
(PVSL) was created by Filmbank who represent all major Hollywood plus Independent and Bollywood studios. Schools holding the PVSL are able to show films for entertainment purposes during and out of school hours, including in after-school and film clubs. Fundraising licences in the special early window before DVD release are also available. No add on licence is required for the screening of Hollywood, Independent and Bollywood films, within Filmbank’s repertoire.

| email: | tel: 01494 836 231

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