UK Gambling Jurisdiction and Regulations

Among the big businesses carried out in the UK is gambling. The gambling industry managed to generate revenue of over £2.5 billion in 2014 with most common activities being bingo and lottery. This figure has over since climbed even higher as the explosive growth of this business continues and placing bets has been simplified using mobile devices.

This has brought big benefits to the UK government earning annual hundreds of millions tax revenue from this industry. UK citizens have not been left behind on this business as there is the upside creating over 100,000 job opportunities. These two benefits alone create such a worthwhile impression to the UK authorities.

Is Gambling Legal in the UK?

This is completely legal real money in UK and access for it is from any part of this country. You can join this business as a UK citizen provided that your 18 and above. At this age, you are allowed to legally place a wager on the existing markets as the winner of any particular sporting event. There are also other predictions available as a player to place at, like for instance the results of the general election and also you can try to predict the identity of the next queen or kind of England.

For any event that can be happening at any particular time and the results seem to be uncertain, you will have an opportunity to place a bet on it. An individual has a chance to win big on placing a bet on some games like for instance bingo, poker, lottery, roulette and slot machines. This can be done both online and in person.


There are laws that govern gambling in the UK. As per the 2005 Gambling Act, the operation of any gambling facility is only allowed after the necessary regulation and licensing has been issued by the UK Gambling Commission. The citizens of UK have a big range land-based gambling options they can choose from. This ranges from poker rooms, land-based casinos and also sports betting facilities. However, there exist such strict conditions that must be abide by these gambling venues. The providers of the facilities are more concerned than the users.


For this section, there are normally two main considered laws that have been covered in the 2014 Gambling Bill and the 2005 Gambling Act. These are the laws that have settling all about online gambling in this nation.